What’s On the Horizon?

Hi all,

There are a couple of things I’ve wanted to do on this blog and I’m going to give them a shot.  So what are they? 1) A Giveaway and 2) Christmas in July

Recently, I catalogued my books and discovered I had a few duplicates. At first I was going to give them, but then thought why not do a giveaway. So, here we are.

The first book up is the Dover Thrift Edition of Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë. When I moved here I thought I lost a box of books and was sad angry that the movers lost my box, which contained Jane Eyre and others; so I went out and bought another copy. However, on a trip home I discovered that so-called ‘lost’ box of books in my parents garage.

About the Giveaway:

  • The giveaway will run from June 1st – 10th, 2017
  • Unfortunately, I will only be able to ship within the United States. Sorry about that to my followers overseas
  • How do you enter:
    • Leave a comment on the Giveaway post starting June 1st
  • Winners are selected randomly

Stay tuned. Complete details to follow June 1st in the Giveaway post.

Alright to all my bookish peeps and non-bookish peeps let’s have a little fun with a  Christmas in July. I’ve participated in a few of these hosted by bloggers and have never been disappointed in the gift I received and vice versa. The last one I did I got a copy of Little Women (holla) and I gave a fellow blogger, who loves cats but was ashamed to buy a coloring book, a cat coloring book and colored pencils. She said she got right down to coloring. Mission accomplished.

About Christmas in July:

  • The official post will go up June 1st and run until June 30th
  • $15 USD is the maximum amount
  • Please think about if you are willing to ship internationally as that will be a question on the sign up form. It will help to better match you up

Stay tuned. Complete details to follow June 1st in the Christmas in July post.

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