Discussion – Playlist: Reading or Writing

Once upon a time there was a young woman who could listen to any type of music and study. She would sing along (albeit badly) while reading journal articles for research, writing and editing analytical papers and she would get good grades; then one day that all changed.

All of a sudden listening to music became an annoyance when doing these ‘simple’ tasks. She found that she needed certain music for various tasks.

She thought to herself, “Oh, what fresh hell is this?! How could Michael Jackson possibly annoy me and Guns N’ Roses and Mozart be alright?” Can you imagine the confusion she felt?

Well, let me tell you I can because that young woman was me. It happened in college and I really was like, ‘What the (insert expletive)!” For some reason I had to curate two very different playlists one for reading and one for writing.

For the most part I read with nothing on, except the TV; but that’s on mute. So the TV is really just watching me. But when I really need to or want to dig deep into what I’m reading I put on some classical music and not only do I find myself reading faster, I also find that I retain more information.

Lately, I just go to Amazon music, since it’s included with my Prime membership, and pull up some classical music. It’s a pretty good curated playlist.

I also discovered that for some reason classical music doesn’t work for me when I need to write something be it a technical or analytical paper or some creative writing or when writing blog posts. For those I must have some rock/alternative music. Not sure why that is. It just seems to get the synapses firing faster. Weird. I know. I also find that when I listen to rock/alternative music I don’t need to edit content as much. But I still suck at punctuation. No musical fix for that, huh?

Here’s my writing playlist. Oddly enough it’s been roughly the same for a couple of years. And, yes I do tend to sing along.

So, tell me do you listen to music when reading or writing? Or do you something else?

This post is brought to you as part of the 2018 Discussion Challenge.

4 thoughts on “Discussion – Playlist: Reading or Writing

  1. I put on a very eclectic mix, Classical from Renaissance to 21st century, Jazz from Jellyroll Morton to Esperanza Spalding, Electronic, Electronica, Folk, Punk, New Wave (yes, i remember the 80s 😉 ), New Age, Folk Rock, Alternative, Rock from Meet the Beatles to today, Progressive Rock, etc. The problem is, I often stop to listen if I really like it….

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    • That is definitely an eclectic mix. I introduced my dad Esperanza Spalding and he lives her. And, ah yes, the ’80s. Horrible fashion and hair, but by golly did some good music come out of it. A lot of 1 hit wonders. For me for some reason it acts like white noise.

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